Horticultural Supplies

At MidCoast Irrigation & Horticultural Supplies we don’t just supply the nursery market. If you are in any horticultural enterprise we have products to ensure you have the growing advantage and we pride ourselves in stocking or sourcing any products you may require for the planting, propagation, growth and protection of your crop.

We have in stock a huge range of containers, from punnets and tubes to large planter bags and pots in a range of sizes and styles – standard, squat and euro pots and plastic or woven bags. We carry a range of hanging baskets and decorator pots for nurseries and have a large stock of trays to suit our pots.

Fabrics are a specialty of ours and we only stock quality brands from leading makers of these products. We keep a large range of shade cloth and weed mat, available in full rolls only, but have greenhouse plastic and vege net available in cut lengths. We also stock a large range of nettings, so call in to our showroom to see our full range of fabrics.

With any plant production or horticulture enterprise there are many requirements for ensuring you get the best produce or crop available. This will include growing media, fertilisers and crop maintenance and protection. As you can see from the list below we have all these areas covered – so come in to have a look and see what we can offer.

Product Range

  • Containers - Pots, Planter Bags, Tubes, Trays
  • Fabrics – Shadecloth, Weedmat, Greenhouse Plastics, Netting, Windbreak
  • Fertilisers – Slow Release, Organic, Liquid & Soluble
  • Stake, Guards & Equipment – Pruners, Secateurs
  • Crop Protection – Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides – including organic crop protection
  • Spray Equipment – sprayer, guns, nozzles, pumps
Netpro Osmocote
Nutricote Superior Fertilisers
Geofabrics Kamaki
Omnia Fertilisers Organic Crop Protectants