Services We Provide

We offer a comprehensive service package for all our products. We value our customers greatly and believe that you deserve to be given the best possible advice and service.

Pump & Irrigation Repairs

We are warranty agents for all the brands we sell and offer a full repair and after sales service facility. We carry a large range of spares and parts and can offer in store or in field repairs.

We know that water supply is critical for many of our customers, whether it be for stock, household, agricultural or commercial use and we have a number of loan pumps to ensure our clients’ critical needs are met. Having in stock a large range of pipe and fittings, means we can usually repair water or irrigation lines in the shortest possible times.

Pump and irrigation repairs is a specialised field and our service personnel are highly trained and experienced over many years in the industry.

Irrigation and Water Supply Design

The design of your water reticulation system or irrigation is critical to the performance and efficiency you will achieve.

Over the years we have been involved in a large number of projects and can design systems for your water supply or irrigation, water harvesting, water treatment and filtration and drainage. These could range from garden watering, drip or tape irrigation, large scale irrigation such as farm irrigation or fully automated sprinklers systems for parks and playing fields.

Whatever you require in water movement we can design a system to meet your requirements.


At MidCoast Irrigation & Horticultural Supplies we supply and install your complete system. This could include tank & trough supply and installation, all pipework and control systems, filtration or any requirements covered in the design.

Installation could include trenching, laying and backfilling of all pipework and valves. We have a range of equipment to ensure the job is completed in a timely and efficient method.

Our installers have had many years of experience in pump installations, from borehole pumps to domestic pressure system and large pump sets and will ensure the pump is operating correctly to perform the duty required. All systems will be commissioned and tested on completion


We can organise quotations for the supply and installation of hothouses and shade houses from the smaller sizes for the backyard enthusiasts, to large commercial horticultural enterprises.

We can arrange testing for soil, plant tissue and water quality and can advise on crop requirements or water treatment.